Friday, February 27, 2009

My Idea of Fun

Have you ever played and danced in the rain? Running with childhood friends? Riding a bicycle with siblings? Watching tv all day? Have a movie marathon while eating popcorn and other junk foods? Chitchatting with nice and interesting people? Had an exciting long trip? Had a happy and memorable vacation? Playing volleyball at the beach? Splashing of water? Overnight at the beach? Playing games with family and friends? Gazing stars at night? Joined a family reunion or friends’ reunion? Disco all night? Singing out loud with friends at a videoke bar even your voice was already out of tune? Dancing with your craziest moves? Shouting and laughing where sometimes you almost lost your breathe? Jumping on bed and throwing pillows? Riding a roller coaster and extreme rides? How about eating an ice cream even the weather is cold? Christmas Caroling? Or have you ever taken pictures with friends with your wackiest pose? Doing weird things, but funny?

Good humor, laughter, rest, happiness. These are my ideas of FUN. I enjoy giving and receiving gifts and surprises. I like swimming pool even I don’t know how to swim. I like watching movies. I enjoy listening to music. I dance and I sing. I like travelling, having a vacation, joining gimmicks. I love going out with family and friends because these are all fun.

Fun is all about sharing and spending time for ourselves and with good people. It makes us happy. We’re not in doubt, in anxiety and in anguish. We feel no worries, problems and aggressions. It is a gift that cheers ourselves and the people around us. It is healthy, heart-fulfilling and entertaining. Through it, builds friendships with other people and can create deep relations. Because of fun, we do not live sad and boring. And it makes our life worth living. =)

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