Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Writer and the Book

The structure of the book is something the writer works on very hard. The smallest things connect to the biggest things and every detail about it. The writer tries to keep everything on track, keeps reassuring the reader that he or she is in good hands.

Usually, writing a book takes one, two, three, four or five years to finish. The author usually works on it four to five hours a day, consciously using every bit of himself because he needs to love with the book and need to really know it.

An author consistently produces work of enduring quality over a sustained period of time. He admired for his wit and erudition, the force of his ideas, his craftsmanship, storytelling ability and comic gifts. He is the one who devoted himself in writings to the effort of keeping the positive aspects of the human spirit alive in the face of the destructive and dehumanizing forces of modern life.
Sometimes, it may be difficult to find the real meaning of life but always keep access to the deepest part of oneself, aware of a higher consciousness by means of which he makes final judgement and put everything together.

It's not a joke writing a book. The writer recovers his vitality and joy in life through a series of encounters which show how to use his won imaginative life-giving powers. Cited his exuberant ideas, flashing irony, hilarious comedy and burning compassion, who keeps trying to find a foothold during his wanderings in our tottering world, one who can never relinquish his faith that the value of life depends on its dignity, not its success.

Some readers have reservations. Opinions are surprisingly varies, some calling the book a masterpiece while to some critics dismiss it as pretentious.

Authors of books don't want their characters belong to an actor or director but want them to belong to the reader. A fit storyteller is one who can span the range from the sublime to the crude, from the tender to the ridiculous. You don't understand love unless you understand brutality.

There are thousands of writers who could really write news items, articles and others. There are only few who could write essays, short stories, but fewer still are those who could write a book for it is not a joke to write one.
The Lademora Story-"Soldiers of Death" and This Side of Destiny -"A Life of a Teacher" are the books written by Rodrigo Sevilla who is also the Publisher of the Mindaxaminer NEWS.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Idea of Fun

Have you ever played and danced in the rain? Running with childhood friends? Riding a bicycle with siblings? Watching tv all day? Have a movie marathon while eating popcorn and other junk foods? Chitchatting with nice and interesting people? Had an exciting long trip? Had a happy and memorable vacation? Playing volleyball at the beach? Splashing of water? Overnight at the beach? Playing games with family and friends? Gazing stars at night? Joined a family reunion or friends’ reunion? Disco all night? Singing out loud with friends at a videoke bar even your voice was already out of tune? Dancing with your craziest moves? Shouting and laughing where sometimes you almost lost your breathe? Jumping on bed and throwing pillows? Riding a roller coaster and extreme rides? How about eating an ice cream even the weather is cold? Christmas Caroling? Or have you ever taken pictures with friends with your wackiest pose? Doing weird things, but funny?

Good humor, laughter, rest, happiness. These are my ideas of FUN. I enjoy giving and receiving gifts and surprises. I like swimming pool even I don’t know how to swim. I like watching movies. I enjoy listening to music. I dance and I sing. I like travelling, having a vacation, joining gimmicks. I love going out with family and friends because these are all fun.

Fun is all about sharing and spending time for ourselves and with good people. It makes us happy. We’re not in doubt, in anxiety and in anguish. We feel no worries, problems and aggressions. It is a gift that cheers ourselves and the people around us. It is healthy, heart-fulfilling and entertaining. Through it, builds friendships with other people and can create deep relations. Because of fun, we do not live sad and boring. And it makes our life worth living. =)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

College Days

Oh I miss my college days..
Before I was sent to college, my barkada and I agreed to enroll at the same Ateneo.
But...unfortunately due to financial crisis, I was sent to USEP.
Too bad...,but still lucky when I knew that Marsha and I are enrolling in the same school.
Stephanie enrolled at San Pedro, Vanessa at UIC and Hannah was enrolled at Ateneo.
Each of us have taken different courses.
I was a little bit sad at first because I used to have classmates whom I knew for a long time.
And it was the first time I transferred to a different school.
My first new friend in college was Lalai.
We learned that she was one of the participants of the leadership training handled by my mom.
Then I got to know Mishel, Con2x, Jumar and Crystalline.
I usually ate my lunch with Talinne because we have a common friend named, Esther.
We discovered too that we have the same birth date, hehehe...
Can't remember why we stop eating lunch together, but maybe because she was already busy during our breaktime.
There..I got to hang out with Lalai, Con and Mishel until Charisse joined us.
My hobby in college was to send letters, little notes to my friends til I almost send letters to all of my college classmates, heheh..
We became close friends with Dominic 'til we treat each other as bestfriends. I became close too with Liza, Novelyn, Lorna, Macaraeg, Edward, Rhett, Mykhel, Myrill and Jigz.
I gain more friends as time passed by. I met Lorna Abe, friends of Marsha, friends from Engineering, Joelan and Jerkz, Tagz, Rustjohn, Jonathan, etc.
During my college days, I was kinda different. I'm typically not so active in dancing activities in my old school.
I'm usually more on academics, essays and painting contests, but when I entered college, I get better and more participative in dancing.
I dance, I choreo, I lead. It was an opportunity for me to discover more of myself. I'm learning to be wacky too than being shy, heheh...
I gain more self confidence. I am more happy because what I feel is..I can do whatever I want.
And it was the first time I always go to a school without wearing a uniform! We can stroll anytime and anywhere after our class, hehehe...
Chatting at MIRC was the most popular hobby when I entered college. I got to experience eyeball with strangers.
Oh...Got a lots of guts when I do it,heheh.
I started to have overnights with friends and classmates for school projects, then later...for fun, hehehe..
There are a lot of things to talk about college days- discoveries, challenges and fun!
Those memories are surely treasured.
I miss my college days...