Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Writer and the Book

The structure of the book is something the writer works on very hard. The smallest things connect to the biggest things and every detail about it. The writer tries to keep everything on track, keeps reassuring the reader that he or she is in good hands.

Usually, writing a book takes one, two, three, four or five years to finish. The author usually works on it four to five hours a day, consciously using every bit of himself because he needs to love with the book and need to really know it.

An author consistently produces work of enduring quality over a sustained period of time. He admired for his wit and erudition, the force of his ideas, his craftsmanship, storytelling ability and comic gifts. He is the one who devoted himself in writings to the effort of keeping the positive aspects of the human spirit alive in the face of the destructive and dehumanizing forces of modern life.
Sometimes, it may be difficult to find the real meaning of life but always keep access to the deepest part of oneself, aware of a higher consciousness by means of which he makes final judgement and put everything together.

It's not a joke writing a book. The writer recovers his vitality and joy in life through a series of encounters which show how to use his won imaginative life-giving powers. Cited his exuberant ideas, flashing irony, hilarious comedy and burning compassion, who keeps trying to find a foothold during his wanderings in our tottering world, one who can never relinquish his faith that the value of life depends on its dignity, not its success.

Some readers have reservations. Opinions are surprisingly varies, some calling the book a masterpiece while to some critics dismiss it as pretentious.

Authors of books don't want their characters belong to an actor or director but want them to belong to the reader. A fit storyteller is one who can span the range from the sublime to the crude, from the tender to the ridiculous. You don't understand love unless you understand brutality.

There are thousands of writers who could really write news items, articles and others. There are only few who could write essays, short stories, but fewer still are those who could write a book for it is not a joke to write one.
The Lademora Story-"Soldiers of Death" and This Side of Destiny -"A Life of a Teacher" are the books written by Rodrigo Sevilla who is also the Publisher of the Mindaxaminer NEWS.